Spring Cleaning

The cycle of the year with my small jewellery business, Stuff Made From Things, has become more defined in the last few orbits of the sun. I’m in my twelfth year I think, I haven’t really been counting, and as I’ve learnt the rhythm of the calendars busiest selling moments and the times that the shops that I stock need their shelves replenishing, my actions feel almost automatic. 

I know when to lock myself away in my work shop and make, make, make until my fingers are filthy and stiff and when to ease off and let my creativity flow through and come up with new designs for the following year. 

I often squirrel away my new pieces and ideas, literally putting them in a cupboard for me to peak at now and again. It’s partly because there is always the fear that people won’t like them or they’re too different/too the same as previous pieces, and partly because I want them for myself! Even though I will possibly make multiples of some designs I enjoy that newness so much I don’t want to share. It’s not until my sister or a friend is in my workshop and they spy a new necklace or earrings hanging up that I remember that I am a supposed to sell the things I make.

I am also ridiculously sentimental and find it very had to discontinue pieces, especially earrings, which means I just have too much stuff. It bewilders my stockists, my customers and my self! 

So to make way for the new pieces I am having to be strict with myself and let some pieces go. My process of elimination has been not on whether the jewellery has been popular, more on the length of time they’ve been in my catalogue. I’ve tried to have this gentle cull for several years running but always fail so I’m hoping putting it on paper will drive me to do it.

I am preparing for a sale that will probably be in a month or so, it will include the pieces that I’m saying farewell to as well as test pieces, practice runs and seconds. The cathartic clean of my workspace will make plenty of room for the new creations to come out of the cupboard. 

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