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Lapis Lazuli Brass Diamond Necklace

Lapis Lazuli Brass Diamond Necklace

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Originating from the Persian word for the gem, lāžward, Lapis Lazul, has been associated with qualities like inner wisdom, inner peace and self-expression. It is also considered a symbol of wisdom and spirituality.

The crystal is encased in 18 ct gold and hung on a beautifully textured hammered raw brass diamond. The pendant measures approximately 5cm and is hung on a 24 inch gold plated satellite chain

Perfect for layering with other necklaces or showing off on its own!

Please take care of the stone as they are naturally a little brittle

Necklace comes in a Stuff Made From Things gift bag

Jewellery care - brass does not like being wet. It will patina when exposed to moisture but when cleaned regularly with Brasso and a soft cloth can become shiny and new again. Alternatively, you can use tomato ketchup instead of Brasso. Do not let the ketchup touch the gem or the setting it is in.

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