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SISTER SUN 20 Brass pendant on blue cord

SISTER SUN 20 Brass pendant on blue cord

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These one-of-a-kind brass SISTER SUN Pendants have been through an etching process after being hand drawn by myself.

 Due to the nature of the chemical reaction there are often beautiful irregularities in the depth of the etch, sometimes there are glimpses of the blush of the copper content of the raw brass.

Occasionally the reverse of the pendant has been in contact with the chemicals and I have filed away the mark, I have decided to leave the texture of the file marks to show its evolution.

The pendants come on a meter long navy blue vegan leather cord so can be worn at any length.

 A beautiful 20 inch 24Kt Gold Plated Satellite Necklace Chain is available separately here.

The necklace comes in a Stuff Made From Things branded cotton bag

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